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I know I’ve been bad about keeping things up to date around here but that’s all slowly changing. In the last few days things have begun to pay off. Besides the fact I began blogging over at SB nation which I hope will eventually turn into something more, I also picked up a gig as a writer/reporter for a website that covers local/regional/amateur MMA . The upside is I will be contributing to the growth of the sport by reporting on events and fighters at the ground level of the sport up through their journey to the big shows.  I would compare what i’m going to be doing to the equivalent of a journalist who covers high school and college sports, which is a very important job. Your the first in line to let the world know who’s going to be the guy/girl to look out for in the future.  So here are a few small changes i’ll be making to my posting and the format it will now take on.

  • Any new pieces that have to do with the bigger organizations will be posted through SB nation with links to all articles posted here on my blog
  • All pieces and coverage I do with Questionable Stoppage will be exclusive to their site with links to said pieces here on my blog
  • So i’m going to try and start to cover local Pro Wrestling shows when possible.I’m not sure when this will start but hopefully when it does you guys will enjoy it!
  • Lastly I’m thinking about moving my Memoirs Of A Square Circle column over to this blog eventually but it’s not something i’m totally sold on yet

I think that pretty much covers it all!

Jason Burum