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Dig this!

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Soprts, Uncategorized
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So today I was digging around on the CSAC website trying to find some forms which I did not. But I did come across something a bit interesting that I figured i’d share. So after a few searches I found what I thought was the document I was looking for, but what it turned out was to be a docket for a CSAC hearing. Well at the top of page 2 I saw a familiar name…..  Gene Lebell! But the odd part was it was listed under Possible action against judge’s license. (check it out here top of page 2)

So a few more clicks and I found a docket from a June 2011 hearing roughly two months after the original hearing.  So it seems that the initial complaint stemmed from a mix up between the red and blue corner due to the fact that the judge’s were not informed that the party’s had swapped corners. The document also sounds as if the fighters did not have colored wrist tapes on their gloves to distinguish one another. This is an honest mistake that could be easily made at regional or amateur shows where the judge’s are unfamiliar with the local talent. Long story short Judo Gene was cleared on all charges! (Page 3 Agenda item 9)

Jason Burum


The beginning

Posted: November 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So yesterday I started the first of many steps to becoming a licensed MMA judge. I figured why not be involved in a sport I follow and absolutely love. I’ve always wanted to be involved in the sport directly and why not have it be in a position where I can help improve it! Anyone who follows the sport knows how few qualified judges there are that actually come from a MMA/Grappling background that can properly score whats going on in the cage. Hey if i’m going to piss and moan about how they gave so and so that first round or how a single right hand connecting doesn’t cancel out the rest of the rounds domination through out the rest of the round……..  Well hey I might as well put myself into the drivers seat and do some good with my understanding, right?

I’m at a point in life where jobs are scarce and it takes 6+ months for a company to even get to your resume. If i’m going to put my heart and soul into something it should be a job I actually enjoy busting my ass at. I need to make my career, not wait for something to come along I didn’t want to do to begin with!

Look out scorecards here I come!