Always plan ahead

Posted: November 20, 2011 in MMA, Sports

So I just got through watching the Fedor vs. Monson fight. First off I can say it was nice to see Fedor come out and use patience instead of aggression for this fight. That has worked in the past but has been his enemy as of lately.
I honestly think the loss to Werdum was completly avoidable if he had used the patience he showed in this fight and not jumped into his gaurd to try and pound him out like the days of old. Same with the Hendo fight, if he had used the same type of gameplan he used today he could of had a chance.
Now the Bigfoot loss is what it is. Once that guy gets on top you its pretty much a wrap! Everyone wrote Fedor off as washed up or as never that good to begin with once the losses started but to those people I say bullshit. Poor planing and lack of proper training has been his recent undoing. If he keeps on his current path I see him adding a few more quality wins before he rides off into the sunset!

P.S. The reversel in the first round was awesome!


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